We have pivoted and we are back!


noun piv·ot \ˈpi-vət\

Definition of pivot

1 :  the action or an instance of turning around on a point

We are pivoting. Every so slightly. Rocking back on our heel and turning. In doing so, we opened ourselves up to whatever creative possibility the future may hold. Designing the things we love and bringing that to you. And right now we are in love with greeting cards and art for your home.

After spending the better part of last year in treatment for breast cancer, Striped Hat Studio (web design) was closed. As I handed off clients and shut down I knew it wouldn’t be the same. The stress, the long hours, the late nights and missing out on time with my kids is now a thing of the past. What lies ahead is an amazing opportunity to move away from client-driven work to what I like to think of as people-driven work.

Cards from friends, family and folks that I didn’t even know were a huge part of what got me through that rough year. Every time a card or hand written note arrived in the mail, it made my heart smile. Someone took the time to let me know they were thinking about us. And it meant the absolute world to me.

So here at Striped Hat we are working to create and design cards that you will love to give to your friends, family, loved ones, or those you don’t know that well but just need a card to brighten their day! So, with a whole lot of love and laughter and creative energy, we have pivoted and re-launched in a direction we feel great about!

Let’s keep sending love and smiles to those we know and see where this takes us. Thank you for tuning in and staying in touch!

Striped Hat Studio

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